Serving the economically,
emotionally, and spiritually
impoverished men of the
Birmingham area.

Brother Bryan Mission is the oldest rescue mission
in Birmingham, founded in 1940.

Men come to BBM at the lowest point in their lives.
They need help meeting their most basic needs.

Once accepted into one of our programs,
they begin to learn how much God loves them and wants to
restore them to a meaningful and productive life.

The spark of hope is ignited and a life begins to be changed forever.

Hope finds a home at BBM

BBM News and Events


by Kay Etheredge There is a dad I’ve never met who drove from a suburb early every morning for months to drive his son to work. He also drove back in the afternoons and picked…

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By Kay Etheredge It was roughly thirty-eight years ago, and it was a stupid song.  It wasn’t even a real song, but more of a jingle.  But in this jingle was something offensive.  My Daddy…

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By Kay Etheredge Our grandchildren have recently discovered that downstairs in our house is a classroom.  We homeschooled our three children and nestled in the deepest part of our basement is the classroom.  It functioned…

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