Director’s Letter – May 2014

Dear Friends,

“How does someone become a Christian?” Over the years I’ve shared the answer to that question, in person and in writing, more times than I can count. But since the question appeared on a recent application for Brother Bryan Mission to be considered for financial support, I have found myself thinking about it (even at 4 AM) in the context of those who come here desperate to change their life, and looking for real hope.

In the ministry of reconciliation and redemption that is carried out at Brother Bryan Mission we constantly deal with the reality of sin’s grasp upon the human heart. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, deceit, and other addictions are visibly ruinous in the lives of the men and their loved ones who come to us seeking help, real hope and real life. Many come at the point of desperation.

“(My life) was empty, lonely, and in a dark hole. I needed help. After I prayed to God sincerely and openly for change to come about, I was led to BBM.” – NLF Participant

In response to the original question: You must be born again. Knowing how sin’s grasp on a heart will not let go outside of God’s power (the Holy Spirit), the earliest efforts by our Staff with a new NLF participant, includes ascertaining if he has experienced a new birth.

“Within my first week in New Life Fellowship my Chaplain, Curtis Reynolds, asked me if I knew the LORD. I told him I didn’t but that I wanted to. That day, in his office, I received Christ as my Savior.” – NLF Participant

Also, In response to the question: Walk in the Spirit – While some who come to Brother Bryan Mission already profess faith in Jesus as their Savior – learning to walk with Him – to walk in the Spirit – and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, becomes the goal.

“Since I have re-dedicated my life to God my heart and life is full of peace and joy. This is the first holiday season I was thankful to be here on earth.” – NLF Participant

Whether it is becoming a Christian or learning to walk each day as His disciple, Brother Bryan Mission is helping lead men to new life in Jesus Christ. Your prayerful partnership and financial involvement means Brother Bryan Mission’s ministries to the defeated, overwhelmed and the lost – will continue to reach and change lives – to the glory of God. Please consider partnering with us.

With Sincere Thanks,
Jim Etheredge
Executive Director