Life was Missing Something

“… the son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost.”

Sammy Floyd says that as he was growing up with his family in Cherokee County, that he knew right from wrong. While he had no inclination toward church, and he didn’t have a personal relationship with God – there were times when he sensed that because of the absence of such a relationship – his life was missing something.

Sammy FloydAs he moved into adulthood with no real compass to his life, he says, “It became very easy to compromise values and self-justify my actions”. After his marriage came to a sudden end, he indicates that his lingering attitude of resentment, combined with his drug use, eventually led to jail time. “When I was finally released from jail, rather than try to change my ways, I continued on a downhill slide in drugs and depression. Within a year I attempted suicide – and I almost succeeded.”

With encouragement from family and others, he was able to get into a drug rehab program in Birmingham – a program that was Christian. “There, as I met others that were from similar circumstances but who were further along in the program – men that seemed to have real peace and joy – it inspired me to pay attention and ask questions. It was becoming clear to me that I needed Christ in my life.” However within a couple of months after Sammy gave in to the pull of drugs, he found himself removed from the program. Sensing the potential impact of this, when it was suggested to him that he contact Brother Bryan Mission, he quickly did so. After being screened for BBM’s 9-month New Life Fellowship program, when he was accepted he was enormously grateful for a new opportunity.

Nine months later as he completed BBM’s program, with his new life exhibiting a clear commitment to rely on the leadership and strength of God, he was accepted for a year-long Christian Service Internship at BBM. And by the grace of God, last May, Sammy who first came here as one who had hit bottom, joined the staff of Brother Bryan Mission. Today as he oversees our Learning Center (while enrolled in college) he’s in a great place to impact others who come to us the same way he did. As he now serves God (something he never imagined), he says, “Now I find myself in prayer about every aspect of my life – and I am enjoying life, like I never knew was possible”.