Letter from the Director – May 2015

Dear Friend,

The hand of God is both mysterious and marvelous at the same time. Some of the men who come to Brother Bryan Mission seeking help seem to easily fit the stereotype picture of poor, uneducated, and homeless. However, there are others who from their appearance seem to have all that the world can offer in their grasp.

When college graduates, business owners, or those in solid professional positions begin making foolish choices, before they know it they can lose everything. More painful than losing material possessions are the ruined relationships and trust – that grow out of foolish choices and unexpected addictive behaviors.

However, the hand of God can be seen even in despair. It defies human logic, but God actually will use the humiliation that drugs and alcohol can cause – to bring a man to Himself:

“I found myself completely broke financially; no vehicle, no home (in foreclosure), my wife filing for divorce, no job, a pending DUI, and completely broken as a person. It was when we were at a brick wall that someone texted to ask if I had checked Brother Bryan Mission.”

I recently read in 2 Kings 3, the story of God telling Israel to dig trenches in the desert. In response to their asking God to help them against their enemy, they were directed to attack their enemy by way of the desert, but in doing so could not sustain themselves due to the lack of water. The “woe is me” king of Israel said that God had sent them this way so that they could be given into the hand of their enemy. His ally, the king of Judah, asked for advice from the prophet Elisha. That was when Elisha gave instruction to dig trenches in the desert.

Digging trenches in the desert in order to have water defies human reason. However it is perfectly rational for God – for He desires men to develop a submissive spirit, an obedient heart, and an outlook of faith. Israel obeyed and God diverted water into the valley where the trenches were filled. They were sustained and went on to win a great victory over their enemy.

“Since being at Brother Bryan Mission I have been able to completely surrender my life to God for the first time in my life. Even in the midst of my life falling completely apart, I now have peace. I have never been more excited about the future and to see what God is going to do with my life”.

Coming to a Rescue Mission may not seem the normal path to peace. However, it is the path that God leads some to take – and thank the Lord Brother Bryan Mission is here for them as a place of refuge and a place of hope. Would you consider a gift to allow this life-saving work to continue? Your gift will make a difference in the lives of other men who will write their testimony about how their life was affected through the programs of Brother Bryan Mission.

Thank you,
Jim Etheredge,
Executive Director