Derrick Daniel and Bobby

Three BBM Graduates Begin Bible College

“Can anything good come from there?”

The above question, from the Gospel of John (1:46), was asked about Nazareth.  Today some ask a similar question about men who come to the oldest rescue mission in Birmingham, Brother Bryan Mission.

Derrick, Daniel, and BobbyThere were countless times in recent years when the lives of Derrick, Daniel, and Bobby fell so far they didn’t want to live. After a lifetime of wrestling the consequences of drugs – could anything good come from their lives?

Daniel’s life was in such shambles that he lived on the streets and slept under bridges. He didn’t come to BBM to change, he came to get through the moment. Derrick and Bobby came hoping to find the answers for their troubled lives.

Derrick Stubbs – “The drugs I once relied on to bring pleasure left me with no life at all. I felt I was trapped without the ability to change.  Dreading each day, suicidal thoughts were always present.”

Daniel Roberson – “In the months before I came to Brother Bryan Mission, I was unable to escape the consequences of my choices.  The thought of suicide was always near.  Sleeping under a bridge, I had long since lost hope.”

Bobby Montgomery – “Two and a half years ago I had a great job – but behind the scenes I was doing all that I could, through drugs, to mask the total despair my life was in. I was in such a perpetual
state of complete failure, that my life no longer mattered.”

None of the thee foresaw what was to come. Who expected that with such defeat and failure, even one of them would be so changed that he would give his life to point other defeated lives to the promise
of Christ? No one expected that one day these three might become a Christian Service Intern (one of only four a year). No one foresaw even one of them reaching such a point – much less all three.

It didn’t end there –
• All three first came to BBM overwhelmed and with no direction.
• All three at BBM discovered real life and real hope through Christ.
• All three after 10 months, graduated Brother Bryan Mission’s extensive New
Life Program.
• All three demonstrated such a clear commitment serve Christ that they were chosen for Christian Service Internships.
• All three, this Spring, seeking to become even better equipped for Christian service – applied for
acceptance by Southeastern Bible College. On July 19 they began their first classes.   Southeastern Bible College Sign

Derrick Stubbs – “From the moment I surrendered my lost life to Christ, He began relieving the burdens of my spirit.  People with no hope need to hear from someone who was once where they are –
from someone like me who now has Christ and a real life. Because of the life He pulled me from, I am committed to spread the Good News, or I should say, ‘To disciple others for Him.’”

Daniel Roberson – “That I am beginning college – Bible college – is amazing beyond words. Two and a half years ago as far as I was concerned, all my hope was finished. I was in a dark pit. In October of 2014, after coming to BBM, as I finally surrendered to God the life I couldn’t change, He made me
new. By His grace, today as I serve Him by serving others, I experience joy that I didn’t know was possible”.

Bobby Montgomery – “It’s hard to express in words the life changing love God is showing me daily. I am in awe! Since totally submitting all that was in me to God – I experience His blessing beyond