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By Kay Etheredge It seems all humans have pride, but some struggle with it more than others.  The moment we think we don’t struggle with pride, we have pride in not being prideful.  Once I […]


By Kay Etheredge (This was originally written for a church newsletter a couple of years ago). I love a story and I especially love a story involving a quilt.  Quilts can be made out of […]


By Kay Etheredge Everyone experiences white-knuckle fear at some time in our lives.  When I was young, I was accidentally left at a ballpark where my brother played park football and I was a cheerleader.  […]


By Kay Etheredge It is easy to be a Christian and still be drowning. The waters of hurry and busyness come crashing over us and our nostrils burn hot and our lungs grow tight with […]